Gina Vale - The Days After. Countering the recurrence of IS extremism

Speech by Ms. Gina Vale - Workshop: The Days After. Countering the recurrence of IS extremism, 14.06.2019 Sheraton Hotel, Berlin

Gina Vale, IS-Expert, Kings College in London starts her contribution by explaining that the calling of the terror organization as “Daesh” makes it seem as if it is a homogenous group. To overcome the challenges which IS brings one must understand that the IS is not just a group of men with weapons, which means that the solution of this is not to punish the members on an individual level. She explains that the IS aims to build a nation of their own in which on should not underestimate the role of women and children since the IS uses them to legitimate their nation.

Dr. Thomas Wuertz: "The role of religions in spreading peace"

Speech by Dr. Thomas Wuertz - Workshop: "The role of religions in spreading peace", 15.06.2019 Sheraton Hotel, Berlin

Dr. Thomas Würtz, from the Catholic academy in Berlin, begins his speech by introducing himself and the Catholic Academy in Berlin. He explains that the Academy has been trying to not only focus on current interfaith topics and problems but rather also focus on the history of the holy scriptures with a deeper theological understanding.

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