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The European Association of Religions - In Dialogue was founded in 2010 with the purpose of promoting dialogue between peoples and religions.

Over the years, we have been able to expand our activities and projects. Our main concern is to build bridges between the major world religions, as well as between people from the West and the Middle East.

In doing so, we focus on cultural differences and commonalities and also work internationally, for women and minorities.

We see the inhabitants of the earth as one big world community and strive to maintain relations between this community. For this, however, it is necessary to get to know each other and to enter into dialogue.

We carry out this dialogue on different levels. We try to bring together scientists, politicians, clergy and also representatives of the civilian population.

We organise various events and trips throughout Europe and the Middle East. We work closely with European and international authorities and governments on these projects.

Furthermore, we have established a strong network of experts and diplomats who support us in our efforts.

The knowledge gained from these exchanges is further used by both the experts and the civilian population on site, and implemented in their environment.

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