(Iraqi National Dialogue "Challenges - Opportunities - Future Prospects Berlin 15.03.2023

With the collaboration of its partners, Zenith Council Foundation and Masarat Foundation, EGRD, the European Institute for Dialogue and Development is preparing to hold a roundtable in Berlin as part of the activities of the second phase of the Iraqi National Dialogue Initiative

. Distinct figures and elites from Iraq and Europe will attend it. The Iraqi delegation will include Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Planning. Mustafa Al-Naji, Qahtan Al-Kaabi, and Hazem Watan, the political advisors to the Iraqi Prime Minister. Moreover, Dr. Saad Salloum, General Coordinator of the Masarat Foundation and Professor of International Relations at Al-Mustansiriya University. And Professor Zaidoun Jawad, Advisor to EGRD, will also be part of the delegation.
The roundtable will be held under the title (The Iraqi National Dialogue: Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Prospects) on the fifteenth of next March, where the participants will discuss several related issues. The most critical issues that will be addressed are the challenges facing the national dialogue initiative and the obstacles to achieving reform in the structure of the Iraqi state that needs legislation. In addition, the necessity of constitutional amendments will be discussed as well.
The workshop will also present the most critical opportunities that contribute to the national dialogue initiative amid developments in the political situation that require everyone to shoulder the national responsibility of maintaining stability and protecting the country from crises through dialogue to reach solutions.
It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi National Dialogue initiative launched its first activities through a series of qualitative workshops held in Baghdad at the beginning of the year and attended by experts from European Union countries, politicians, academics, and other Iraqi experts.

Second Roundtable
The National Dialogue Project will hold a roundtable on the Iraqi constitution in Berlin next March. Preparations are underway within the Iraqi National Dialogue initiative to hold a roundtable on the Iraqi constitution in Berlin, on the fifteenth of next March, with the participation of political and academic figures who are interested and experts in the constitution. In addition, several advisors will attend the session with the Iraqi Prime Minister.

The roundtable will be held under the title (The Iraqi Constitution.. a new social contract, the necessities of reform, and the requirements of political stability). EGRD and its partners seek, through this roundtable, to shed light on several issues of concern to Iraqi affairs. Therefore, constitutional amendments are of primary importance to the institute—twelve workshops in Iraq and Europe will be held in May, 2023.

The roundtable will focus on the issue of constitutional amendments in a way that includes a comprehensive review of controversial articles in a way that guarantees justice and equality.

All of the above proposals. Leave an impact on political stability, which will contribute significantly to the expansion of the country's development projects at various levels

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