Berlin, the First stop of EIDE in March 2023

As part of the Iraqi National Dialogue Project's second phase, sponsored by the " EGRD " Foundation,

the German capital Berlin hosted the first stop of the tour from March 15th to March 16th. The meeting was attended by state advisers to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Engineer Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, including Dr. Mustafa Al-Nahi, Dr. Qahtan Al-Kaabi, Iraqi Ambassador to Berlin, Professor Luqman Al-Faily, Dr. Zaidon Jawad, European Foundation adviser, and Dr. Saad Saloum, Chairman of Masarat Foundation.

Through two specialized workshops, with the participation of diplomats from both the Iraqi and German sides, as well as representatives of German think tanks, civil society organizations, and constitutional experts, the first workshop focused on the principles and goals of the Iraqi National Dialogue Initiative and reviewed its first and second stages. The second workshop focused on amending the Iraqi Constitution in light of the current political transformations.

The Berlin events also included a meeting with the German MICT Foundation to discuss ways of cooperation, including representatives from the German Foreign Ministry and project managers from the MICT Foundation. The meeting aimed to introduce the Iraqi National Dialogue Initiative, the project to amend the Iraqi Constitution, and several related topics, such as media development, countering hate speech, and media training.

It is worth mentioning that the Berlin workshops are part of a European tour, which includes Germany, Spain, and Portugal, to introduce the Iraqi National Dialogue Project and to establish partnerships with relevant European think tanks and institutions.


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