Delegation of EGRD in a Tour in Baghdad on 13.01.2023

Delegation of EGRD in a Tour in Baghdad on 13.01.2023

In a step that reflects security, beauty, and social peace in Baghdad, after the success of the administration of Mr. Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani, the delegation of EGRD organized a tour in a number of areas of Baghdad.

The delegation visited a number of cultural and historical sites. The tour started on Al-Mutanabbi Street, where you can smell the books and aroma of coffee houses, hear the whispers of poets and lovers of life, and see libraries full of knowledge. Next, the delegation stopped at one of the historical sites called Al-Qishla Clock. It is located in the Al-Muwaffaqiya School building, dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century.
The delegation took an hour to rest in the famous Shahbandar teahouse, considered a landmark in the history of Baghdad. This teahouse is recognized for its distinct feature. It is a place where people of culture and thinkers gather around and make discussions and various topics for hours.
The tour moved to a cruise in the Tigris on board a small boat to see the landmarks of Baghdad.
At the end of the tour, the birthday of the expert, Dr. Sura Hauser from Oxford University, was celebrated in a cafeteria in the Karrada district. This celebration would be a message to the world, especially the countries of the European Union, to show Iraq's political and security stability and its return to its leading role in the region.
Also, Dr. Saad Salloum, head of Masarat Foundation, invited the delegation to have lunch in one of Al-Jadriya restaurants in honor of the experts of the delegation.
It is noteworthy that the tour was organized on the sidelines of the launch of the second phase of the Iraqi National Dialogue initiative sponsored by EGRD in cooperation with the Zenith Consulting Institute.

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