Dr. Thomas Wuertz: "The role of religions in spreading peace"

Speech by Dr. Thomas Wuertz - Workshop: "The role of religions in spreading peace", 15.06.2019 Sheraton Hotel, Berlin

Dr. Thomas Würtz, from the Catholic academy in Berlin, begins his speech by introducing himself and the Catholic Academy in Berlin. He explains that the Academy has been trying to not only focus on current interfaith topics and problems but rather also focus on the history of the holy scriptures with a deeper theological understanding.

He mentions that there have been historical events between the religion which have had a negative influence on the conception of each other, but it has not stayed this way. For example, the catholic church has recognized the Islamic religion as a monotheistic religion and respects it even though they differ in their religious practices.

He speaks about a project which the Academy has launched during the wave of migrants in Germany during 2015 to 2016. The academy has invited 20 people from countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen to an event called “Remembered Future”. With this the Academy has aimed to remember the multicultural coexistence which has worked out in a harmonic way in the Near East even better than the coexistence in Europe

Dr. Würtz also speaks about how this congress has found a neutral venue with the city of Berlin and reminds how only 30 years ago this very city used to be divided in east and west thru the Berlin Wall. He highlights that the Berlin Wall used to be responsible for many deaths and now has become a place of remembrance and conciliation between the people. He hopes that people and countries which are currently in a conflict with each other are going to find a way toward reconciliation in the future.

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